Today, I bring to you the best web design companies in Ghana. There has been a tough competition in the web design industry as to which is the best web design company in Ghana, most especially as Ghana is growing rapidly in the technology industry. As at the time of writing this article, below are my favorites when it comes to the top web design companies in Ghana.

List of Best Web Design Companies in Ghana

Please note that, this list is created with my own research. This article is mostly for educational purposes and not to put one company above the other. Everyone is entitled to his own opinions.


    Website Ghana Website ScreenshotWebsite Ghana is a new web design company which started in July 2016. The guys there have a lot of web design and internet marketing experience from their youthful stages. Though new, their website has enough content for internet marketing enthusiasts in Ghana. They believe in the qualities of a good web design which includes beauty, security, responsive web design, and search engine optimized websites. Website Ghana give their clients a fast service and quality support even after the design process. They can actually design your website within four days at maximum. The services they render include Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing. They also run an online school on their site where they teach web design courses such as HTML, and WordPress. Apart from those, they teach web design in schools and to individuals who want to learn. Visit their website:

  2. Sheeltech Ghana Limited

    Sheeltech Ghana Limited Website ScreenshotSheeltech Ghana limited is also a web design company that have been in the system for some time now and have a good list of websites that they have worked. Though their prices are a bit high, they have succeeded in getting clients from Google’s Advertising system AdWords, and from local search results. Their Services are Website Design and Development, and SEO. Thier website:


    Websoft Ghana website screenshotWebSoft Ghana has also been one of the best web design companies in Ghana. Apart from web design and development, they are specialized in developing Software applications, and mobile apps. Their Website:

  4. KavaMedia Ghana Limited:

    Kava Media Ghana Website ScreenshotKava Media is a digital marketing, website development, and  creative web design company in Ghana. Their services include responsive website design, web development, branding/logo design, graphic design, e-commerce solutions, photography and search engine optimization(seo) services that make brands stand out in a competitive market. They provide complimentary services such as social media interaction, website hosting services and digital printing. Visit their website:


    IndigensAfrique Website ScreenshotIndigensAfrique is a company  was registered in 2009 and presently located at Legon.  Aside other ancillary operational areas, the company specializes in Website Development / Web Design Training and Marketing Communications. Services include Professional Web DesignReliable Web Hosting ServicesSEO & Internet Marketing. Visit their website:

Other Top/ Best Web Design Companies in Ghana

Apart from the ones listed above, these are the other Web design companies in Ghana: Onlinemedia Ghana,, and

The Best Web Design Company in Ghana

The above companies top the list of Best Web Design Companies in Ghana. But there is surely one that will be the best. You may get different results when you search Google for the best web design company in Ghana. Even on Bing, or Yahoo!

You can’t really tell which is the best among the above but I can boldly say that, is one that you can’t ignore. In terms of Web Design in GhanaBootstrap, WordPress Website Design, Ecommerce Website Design, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization, they are Number 1. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to share.