It’s fun to stand out from your friends on WhatsApp. To be distinct, there are three different ways to kinda show off on WhatsApp. To use stylish fonts for your WhatsApp statuses and usernames, you need to follow the steps below.

stylish fonts whatsapp

Steps to Use Stylish Fonts for your WhatsApp Statuses and Usernames

1. By using a professional profile picture, also known as display picture( dp for short),

2. Having your status fonts different from all your friends, and

3. Writing your username in different fonts.

Today We’re going to cover the second and third. It is as simple as ABC.

Firstly, go to

Enter your text or whatsapp status in the text box you see in the page and click convert next to it. Your text would convert to about ten different fonts.

Choose the font you like and click copy (when you’re on desktop), or highlight the font you like, hold and copy (when) you’re on mobile /phone).

Now open your whatsApp application. Click on the option key/ left soft key. Choose status and click on your current status. Hold and paste the copied text.

To use it as your username, follow the same steps above click settings after clicking the options key in your WhatsApp application. Choose profile and right beneath your profile picture, click the pen icon or click on your current username and paste the copied text. This would only be be visible to people in your groups.

Remember you can paste the copied text anywhere like your Facebook status. Enjoy!!!


Update: You can also search on The Google PlayStore or the iPhone app store for apps that give stylish fonts.

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