making bold texts

Making bold texts on WhatsApp has always been my dream. I don’t know about you. Maybe yours is italicizing or striking through texts while chatting on WhatsApp. This is important because it helps you give highlights to certain words you might want to attach more attention to. Thanks to the WhatsApp developers, the function is now available.

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You can now bold or italicize your texts on WhatsApp

Making Bold Texts on WhatsApp

To bold a text, simply put the text in-between two asterisks (*your text here*). For instance, to say “Hi Gilbert“, you type “Hi *Gilbert*”. This makes only the word Gilbert bold. This is because Gilbert is the only word in the asterisks.

Italicizing Texts on WhatsApp

To italicize a text, simply put the text in-between two underscores (_your text here_). For instance, to say “Hi Joyce“, you type “Hi _Joyce_”. This italicizes only the word Joyce. This is because Joyce is the only word in the underscores.

Strike Through Texts on WhatsApp

Add a tilde (~) before and after the words or phrases you want to strike a line through. For instance, to say “Facebook is boring“, you type “Facebook is ~boring~”.


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