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web design in ghana

Web Design in Ghana is becoming easier following the current introduction of technologies and tools. In Ghana and most developing countries, most people still think you need to be a Web programmer or someone who codes to be able to create websites. I have written this article to clear all misconceptions people may be having about the Web design industry. Let’s begin.

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What is Web Design?

Web Design simply is the act of designing or creating websites on the internet. Yes, just that.

How Do You Become a Web Designer?

In the earlier years, you need to attend a Web Design school or the university to read Web Design as a course. In the university, you select Computer Science as your program of choice. You read this program for four years, includes coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Knowledge in these Web Programming Languages help you to create your own website.

Today, you don’t only need to know coding before creating Websites. If you are lucky to be in Ghana, I teach people how to create their own websites. To join, use the contact page to tell me where you are and when you want to be trained. There are softwares that can help you become a Web Designer without coding. Coding is even not a difficult thing. But then, the only disadvantage I have with it is the time needed. Coding can take you days or even months to complete a project. This time could be used for other things since there are website templates and themes from WordPress to use. If you know WordPress, you would appreciate what I am saying. I learnt Web design on my own within a period of three years (on part time) . You can also start now. If you get in touch, I can speed up your learning process to a maximum of three months only including search engine optimization, blogging, and Internet marketing.

Tools Used in Web Design

What are the tools you need to improve and speed up your Web Design training and business? I would recommend the following tools for Web Design:

  1. An HTML editor
  2. XAMPP
  3. Adobe Photoshop
  4. Macromedia Dreamweaver

All the above tools are still a bit complex to use if you’re not given tutorials to follow. But then, WordPress is easy to use for your web design projects. It would be very difficult to become a Web Designer, even with WordPress, if you are not directed by an expert Web Designer. Taking into consideration the years I spent learning everything on my own, and the errors I encountered along the way. That is why you need to be tutored.

Cost of a Web Design Project

Most people wonder how much their websites are going to cost. Even with most Web Designers and Web Design companies, there’s some kind of confusion regarding how much they should charge for a Web Design Project. The cost of a Web Design or website is dependent on a lot of factors including the purchase of a domain name, cost of a Web hosting account, time spent on the Web design process, type of website, the type of  client or business for which the website is designed, the type/experience/popularity of the web design company, the quality of the design, and others.
Cost of a Domain Name for a Web Design Project

The cost of a domain name varies from one seller to another. The cost range can be between 5 to 15 dollars.

Best Web Designers in Ghana

Do you want to know who the best web Designers in Ghana are? There’s currently no data available for that. But if you want to know how good a Web Designer is, you gotta check his website and portfolio, his experience, support and customer service, popularity, and the testimonials given about him.

Some Web Designers in Ghana particularly do not follow the best practices of Web design especially website responsiveness. For instance if you look at the sites of some Web Designers in Ghana, you can see that some of these websites are not responsive, hence are not of good quality. Read about the qualities of a good website and web design through this link. If you choose such web Designers to design your website for you, you can be assured that your website will have a similar look to that of the Web Designers website. That is one reason why I have a personal website so that if you contact me for a Web Design Project, I’ll send you a link to mine to diagnose if you should give me your project.

Standards for My Web Design Projects

If a Website doesn’t follow any of the standards below, then I’m afraid that it can’t be my design. These are the Standards:

  1. Responsive Web Design: A responsive Web design is a must for all Web Designers in Ghana and the world at large. Read a post I have written on Responsive Web design in this link to learn what responsive Web design is.
  2. Beautiful Professional Design: The first product you can offer your website visitors or online customers is the look or visual appearance of your website. There’s no doubt about that. If you have a beautiful professional design with the perfect layout, pictures well cropped, and colors well selected, you can be assured of respect and trust by your visitors. Your website shouldn’t be a child’s playground. No, not at all. Else you’ll ruin your customers even though you may be offering quality services physically.
  3. Security and Search Engine Friendly: Websites should be secured from hackers and other online scripts. They should also rank well on search engines to get more visitors and customers.

Do you need a web Designer to design and work on your website? I am always available at your service. I do search engine optimization as well to make your website available to customers on search engines. I use WordPress to design websites, therefore I am able to complete the design within a maximum of four days. I do checks to monitor websites I have created to make sure everything is running 24/7. I’m always available for support on your website to make customers fully satisfied with my service. Ghana is a country growing gradually in the tech world. Make sure no one buys the domain you have always wanted to purchase. Domain Names cost less than 50 cedis. Buy yours today. The design process starts at 400 cedis only. You can call or send me a message via WhatsApp on +233548771088 or send me an email on

Thank you for reading. You can leave your comments below.

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